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Home is where the heart is they say and it’s your castle too.   Your home is where warm memories are created and it’s the environment to unwind, relax and enjoy recreational activities.  When you look for a contractor to work on your precious estate, you know you want your job done right and the way you envisioned the final result to be is always at top notch quality. 

At Build with Care we acknowledge this because we are home owner ourselves and we treat our clients and projects with as much diligence and seriousness, which we would have for our own homes.  We guarantee a satisfaction with every client of ours and work closely to exact your every desire as long as it is physically possible and accept nothing less than the utmost standards of workmanship.

Our projects are always built and completed with strict accordance to all the building codes and regulations.  Our workers are all licensed, bonded, certified and insured professionals whose work with respect and take pride in their own work.

Our expertise, professionalism and expertise in construction and architectural design allows our projects are completed in a timely manner usually within a two week period, so that you can go back to living comfortably in your own home as soon as possible.

When you choose to work and entrust your construction and repair projects to Build With Care, we guarantee that your entire project will be completed in the most efficient and cost effective manner at prices you can afford with no hidden fees.

We renovate any room in your house or commercial building including bathrooms, kitchens, home modifications for the elderly or disabled, windows/door replacement, even outdoor landscaping and interior design.  All we need are your ideas and needs, and if it is physically possible we will make it happen

If you have a small living area and would like to learn about space saving ideas, have a special needs disability, or have any other design issue with your home, contact us for a consultation and we will offer you a design solution for you that you will be happy with.

Contact us for a FREE consultation and receive advice from our professional construction and architectural design experts today. 


Andrej Petrusic

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