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  1. Finished Basements
  2. There are many reasons to have a finished basement.  Whether you want to turn it into a recreational studio for the family, a gym, dance studio or to create a basement apartment for someone to live in, if you can dream it, we will build it.

    The basement is a part of the house that is subjected to the different environmental conditions from the rest of the house.  The materials we use to finish your basement are long lasting and resistant to the conditions that it would be subjected to from the outside.  It is important to choose quality materials to prevent and minimize any future damage and deterioration which could be costly to repair.

    We will create your finished basements and cater to your personal preferences for wall colour, design, texture and overall appearance and feel.  Before we begin a major project such as this, we will work closely with you as we design a detailed plan for our proposed construction.  In this way you will fully understand the project and give your approval of the proposed plan.

    Ever thought of a Bar or Entertainment Area in your basement? OR maybe an Income Suite?

    We will work as efficiently and streamlined as possible to complete the project in a timely manner and to your complete satisfaction

  3. Basement Foundations

A house is only as strong as its foundation.   But regardless of how well built your house is, poor soil conditions, changing seasons, and moisture in the soil around your house will stress your home's foundation by expansion and contraction of the soil.

Basement floorings can start to occur in the long run if foundational issues are not addressed sooner than later and such repairs can be expensive.   We can assess your basement foundation and provide insight into the condition of your basement walls and flooring.  Some signs that your basement is showing signs of deterioration are:

  • Window leaks
  • Basement Cracks
  • Sump Pump Failure
  • Basement Leaking or flooding
  • Basement Walls Buckling or Bowing
  • Floors sinking or cracking
  • Uneven flooring
  • Gaps in windows and doors
  • A tilting chimney

Most if not all of these problems will become a serious issue over time and is more cost effective and easier to fix before more complications can arise.  At Build With Care our foundation repairs are permanent structural solutions of top quality so you do not need to worry about fixing the same problem over and over again year after year which can add up over time.  

Having a strong solid weather proof foundation is important to the safety and maintenance of your largest investment while saving money in the long term by avoiding repeated repairs. We offer quality at the best prices in the market.  Contact us to get assessed.


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