We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial roofing for property owners in the GTA. Manufacturer product knowledge training, uniform installation standards, continuous safety training and a determined commitment to 100% customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of our service.

At Build With Care you can be sure you're receiving expert care for all your roofing needs all under one roof. Our professional services are affordable and competitive. You can take advantage of our payment options to help you get the job you need done.

Emergency Roof Repairs

During an emergency, it's important that you receive skilled emergency roof repairs so that the underlying problems won't occur again at a later time costing you more money in the long run. Receiving skilled emergency roof repairs means you're protecting your home and business property from serious internal and external damage. Delaying any leaks or physical roofing damage from fallen trees, may compromise the structural integrity of your building as water sits inside the structures and causes deterioration.

When you need immediate emergency assistance in repairing your roof, Build With Care is there for you with top quality repairs. We will quickly assess the cause and extent of damage, determine the right solution and provide you with a free estimate to get started on the repairs. Some emergency roof repairs may be covered by your insurance depending on the circumstances.

Contact our 24-hour call centre at 416-36-BUILD today to request a free estimate for emergency roof repairs

Full Roofing Services

If you want to replace your entire roof, Build With Care will be more than happy to give you the top quality service for you. We can replace shingles over the whole roof and give expert professional advice on how to choose the right shingles or roofing material for your property. Prices depend on the type of roofing material required. Furthermore, both the material and quality of workmanship on your roof affects the performance as well as the durability of your roofing system. Make sure you are receiving experienced and reliable roofing work to protect your investment in your property.

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